How much was Workclock Headphone

How much was Workclock Headphone? | Step by Step Guide

The Workclock was a new set of headphone hat that was released that revolutionized the way we experience sound back in 2007. These special imaginary headphone were sleek, and stylish, and were used to produce accurate audio. Therefore, they had a great demand and were sold out just after the week they were released.

These Fake headphones were specially made for Roblox and had premium quality. As a result, they gained instant fame. People were and still are heavily interested in learning about such devices. Therefore, in this article, I’ll share the appearance, uses, and price of such headphones for your knowledge purposes.

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How much was Workclock Headphone & Other Major Factors:

These headphones were a virtual item that could be purchased by Roblox users for their avatars. According to my database, they were first released on November 27, 2007, and were available for purchase for 3,392 Robux.

The price was later discounted to 3,000 Robux during multiple Roblox sales before eventually going off-sale. However, it is game currency and has no real-life impact. Thus, such headphones have no real features or functions.

Nevertheless, they were virtual gaming headphones, and if you want to know how to get gaming headphones to work on pc? This article will cover you from all angles. So, be sure to read all about it till the end.

The appearance of Workclock Headphones:

These special game virtual headphone hats had a futuristic design with metal coatings and large ear cups. Their body design was sleek, thin, and sharp, and it gave a unique look to all the users. Moreover, The ear cups of the headphones were round and oversized, making them stand out from other virtual headphones available on Roblox.

The headphones also had a distinctively mechanical feel to them, with intricate details etched into the metal and visible screws and bolts adding to their industrial aesthetic. The Clockwork’s Headphones were available in a range of colors, including silver, black, Blue, Red, White, and gold, and were customizable to allow users to change the texture and color of different parts of the headphones

What was the Workclock Headphones Code?

When these special headphones had their selling rate at its peak. The Roblox company made sure to give the users with some special discount rates by providing them with a code which was (1235488).

You just have to dial this code at the specific place suggested by the supporting system and then you were able to buy these headphones at a cheap rate in the game. Numerous people used this code until this limit expired by Roblox.

What is the item ID for Workclock Shades?

A public version of former intern Clockwork’s signature sunglasses, Shades. Clockwork’s account ID (19358) is what the original price refers to. These were also a cool part of the games in Roblox and people did love to spend their bucks on such items.

People also ask us whether these shades or Clockwork headphones will go limited. Well, unfortunately, no one uses Roblox after the modern-day PS and Xbox are produced. However, if they still use them, it is pretty difficult to find these special items in the games as well as they were limited to a specific time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to get work clock headphones 2023?

Workclock Headphones is an avatar hat that was released on August 16, 2014, by Roblox. In special sales until 2019, it was often sold along with matching Workclock Shades for 3,000 Robux.

How much are clockwork headphones in USD?

USD 230.00 is the price of this item. However, it also has another premium quality which is even more expensive and can only be bought by registered Roblox users.

What are the L and R headphones called in Roblox?

Clockwork Ultimates and Workclock Ultimate have specially decorated versions of these headphones named after the former Roblox administrator Clockwork.

Final Verdict:

How much was Workclock Headphone? Their first release date is November 27, 2007, and they cost 3,392 Robux. The price was later reduced to 3,000 Robux during multiple Roblox sales. However, it is only a game currency.

As a result, these headphones have no real function. In 2023, these headphones are not available as they were only limited to the 2019 version of Roblox. However, you can still use them in case you are an old and registered Roblox user.

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