How to Clean Onn Bluetooth Headphones

How to Clean Onn Bluetooth Headphones? [7 Major Reasons]

Have you ever noticed that your Onn Bluetooth headphone don’t work the same as they used to do when you bought them at first? It is because after all this time they are completely caked with dust and thus, prevent the users to get the best sound quality through such amazing headphone devices by enchasing their discomfort.

But, don’t worry, as it is pretty easy to connect clean onn Bluetooth headphones just by following some specific ways and their steps. In case you are facing problems in establishing the best connections using these headphones, then make sure to read my article on how to connect bluetooth headphones to vizio smart tv.

Moreover, I have shared all these special steps in the given-below lines, so, be sure to read all about them thoroughly till the end. Now, let’s get right into the action!

7 Major Reasons – How to Clean Onn Bluetooth Headphones?

Yes, you have read right in the upper paragraph that cleaning these technical devices is an easy process. By performing such actions, your devices can have a much better sound quality, flexibility, and overall great comfort level.

1. Use a Soft-Bristled Brush

Unleash the Hidden Power of a Soft-Bristled Brush to Revive Your Onn Bluetooth Headphones. If you’re tired of poor sound quality and discomfort caused by dirty headphones, it’s time to take action. But before you toss them out and spend a fortune on new ones, consider this simple yet powerful solution: a soft-bristled brush.

Thus, With just a few gentle strokes, you can remove dust, dirt, and debris from your headphones, including those hard-to-reach crevices and seams. So why wait? Grab a soft-bristled brush and bring your headphones back to life!

2. Using Microfiber Cloth

If you are eager to know the best way How to clean earphones without damaging them? Then, I’ll recommend the use of these special fiber clothes. As, A microfiber cloth is a great alternative to a brush, as it can effectively remove dirt and grime without scratching the surface of your headphones.

It is recommended that you dampen a cloth with a small amount of water or rubbing alcohol prior to wiping the earbuds and wires with the cloth. Make sure to give a rough swipe on the both inner and outer parts of such devices to make them work efficiently.

3. With a cotton swab

How to clean Headphones & Earphones from Earwax? Well, using the Cotton swabs is perfect for cleaning small, hard-to-reach areas on your headphones. To perform this cleaning process, dip the cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and use it to clean the earbuds and any seams or crevices.

Moreover, be sure to use light hands and move them in a polite way across the body of these devices to easily clean them. You can multiple products to shine the outer surface of such headphones.

4. Use Soap & Water

Well, here is yet another major to clean your technical and advanced headphone devices at home. So, use Mild soap and water as a mixture and rub the surface of your devices. Dip a soft cloth in soapy water, wring out any excess, and gently wipe the earbuds and wires.

If you wish to dry them thoroughly, be sure to use a clean cloth or paper towel. As I have already corrupted the versatility of one of my headphones by not cleaning the water sprinkles present on its surface which lead to technical wire errors.

5. Through Cleaning Solution

You can use numerous other commercial cleaning solutions which are best for cleaning headphones just like soap and water mixtures. Therefore, Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use a soft cloth or brush to apply the solution to the earbuds and wires for their deep cleansing.

In the case of earbuds, you have to be more careful to prevent the small wiring portions of such devices from water drops. Moreover, it is also pretty difficult for users to handle these small devices to clean and maintain their functionality.

6. Bt the means of Compressed Air

You should use compressed air to remove dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas to clean headphones without alcohol,. It depends on the user in choosing the right places and angles to use this air according to the dust and dirt present in the headphone or earbud devices.

However, make sure to hold the can a few inches away from your headphones and spray in short bursts. As a result, all the dirt contaminants will be forced out of the smaller as well as the larger portions of these special Bluetooth technical headphones.

7. Disinfect with UV light

Last but not least, Some Onn Bluetooth headphones come with a UV light cleaning case that kills bacteria and germs. In case, there are no bacteria, there will be no chance for the headphones to be infected by dust and dirt particles.

You should place the earbuds in the case and expose them to UV light. But for a short period of time. Moreover, you can also change the lights of such cases according to the user’s intentions. This allows them to have a more comfortable condition while wearing the cleaned headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to clean earbuds mesh?

IYou should clean the mesh screens on the openings of the earbuds. Then, they should be wiped with a soft dry cloth. Ensure that earwax and debris are not pushed into the openings of the earphones.

How do you clean the inside of Bluetooth headphones?

Remove the earbuds and clean the interior and exterior of the case with isopropyl alcohol. Moreover, You can also use a cotton swab by dipping it in alcohol. If the case is used for charging, moisture should not be exposed to the electronic components. You can replace the earbuds once you allow them to dry.

How do you clean ear wax out of Bluetooth earbuds?

Use a toothpick to wedge out any earwax that may be present in the holes. Then, use an alcohol wipe to wipe out each hole with the end of a toothpick. Before storing or wearing the earbuds, make sure they are completely dry. It should not take more than 60 seconds for the alcohol to dry since it dries rapidly.

How do you clean headphones without removable pads?

Alternatively, you can use the hem of your shirt. But it is advisable to keep a soft, microfiber cloth in your headphone case to wipe off the grime in a gentle manner. Immediately following use, wipe them with a dry cloth to prevent sweat and dirt from absorbing into the cushions.

Final Verdict:

In this specific article on How to clean onn Bluetooth Headphones? I have shared the 7 major reasons for this malfunction that prevents these devices to work properly. Moreover, You can say all the major solution steps in this article.

No doubt, that following all these headings will enhance your capabilities in fixing headphone errors in seconds. However, to easily clean them at home, I must say that using a water and soap solution can be your perfect choice. So, be sure to follow it according to the steps I have shared for fast and efficient results.

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