How to connect Raycon Gaming Headphones to Xbox

How to connect Raycon Gaming Headphones to Xbox? | 5 Steps

Are you looking to take your gaming actions to the next level? Then, using these Raycon headphones can be your best choice. As they are filled with versatile features and exciting options to provide users with accurate output results. However, the question is How to connect Raycon Gaming headphones to Xbox using some simple methods.

Thankfully, in this article, I’ll make sure to cover these ways along with their detailed steps. Moreover, It would also guide you on connecting your gaming headphones to PS4. So, be sure to read this specific article thoroughly till the end.

5 Ways with Steps – How to Connect Raycon Gaming Headphones to Xbox?

Here are the 5 major ways that I have concluded after using these special Raycon gaming headphone devices. I have also shared their connection steps in the below lines for you, so you can easily read all about them till the end.

1. Connect via Xbox Wireless

  • First, make sure that your Raycon headphones are charged fully. And then put them in their Bluetooth pairing modes for easy connections.
  • Now, on your Xbox X\S, hold the power button on the controller to open the Xbox guide options and their lists.
  • Then, You can add Bluetooth or other devices by going to Profile & System> Settings > Devices & Connections> Accessories > Bluetooth.
  • In the end, select the Raycon headphones option on this Bluetooth list. Then, pair both devices with each other by following the instructions on the screen.

2. Connect via Xbox Wireless Adapter

  • First, make sure to plug the Xbox Wireless Adapter into the USB-C port of the Xbox.
  • Then, put the Raycon gaming headphones in their pairing modes.
  • Now, hold the Xbox Controller button and go to the settings to enable Bluetooth.
  • Secondly, connect both these devices to each other by pairing them from the Xbox connection option list.
  • Lastly, make sure to wait until the Xbox recognizes these gaming headphones and allows you to use them for accurate actions.

3. Connect via a 3.5mm audio jack

  • Firstly, Connect your Raycon Gaming Headphones with the 3.5mm audio cable and your Xbox Series X/S controller with the other end.
  • Secondly, You can find the headset audio setting under Profile & System> Settings > Display & Sound> Volume.
  • Then, Please select “Headset format” and select “Stereo uncompressed” or “Windows Sonic for Headphones”.
  • In the end, You may adjust the volume of the headset as well as the microphone monitoring according to your preferences.

4. Connect via USB-C cable

  • Make sure to plug this USB cable into the Xbox ports as it would put the Raycon gaming headphones in the Pairing modes without making any wireless connections.
  • Now, open the Xbox settings and open the Headset options.
  • Then, through the headset format list, make sure to select the Windows Sonic for headphones option.
  • In the end, make sure to test the volume and mic options and then you’ll be able to discover the best sound options through these gaming headphone devices.

5. Connect via Optical audio cable

  • First, Attach one end of the optical audio cable to the Xbox Series X and S optical audio ports, and the other end to the optical audio-to-3.5mm converter.
  • Secondly, Connect the 3.5mm audio cable to the converter’s audio port and the other end to your Raycon Gaming Headphones.
  • Now, Click on Profile & System> Settings > Display & Sound> Audio output.
  • Then choose “Bitstream out” under “Optical audio”.
  • Lastly, You may adjust the volume of the headset as well as the microphone monitoring according to your preferences.

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Other Related Queries – How to Connect Raycon Gaming Headphones to Xbox?

Here are some of the major factors that people search for in case they are looking for further details on this topic. I have shared all of them in terms of headings in the below lines.

1. The Raycon Gaming headset mic not working:

If your Raycon Gaming Headset mic is not working, ensure that the mic is not muted, the volume is not too low, and the headset is connected properly. If not, make sure to fix them and then check the output mic audio results.

2. Raycon Gaming Headphones Manual:

You can refer to the Raycon Gaming Headphones manual for detailed instructions on using and troubleshooting your headphones. Moreover, the Xbox company also makes sure to share all connection details with you so that you can easily connect your different headphones to Xbox devices for efficient results.

3. Raycon gaming headphones Reddit:

You can also check out the Raycon Gaming Earbuds review on Reddit or other websites for user experiences and tips. However, it would be best to check their reviews from the brand stores along with their price rates.

4. Can you connect Raycon earbuds to Xbox Series?

You can connect Raycon earbuds to Xbox Series X/S via Bluetooth, but not all models may be compatible. Moreover, you can easily check out the Raycon Gaming Earbuds reviews to learn more about their incredible features and versatile functions.

5. Can you connect Raycon earbuds to PS4 or PS5?

You can also connect Raycon earbuds to PS5 or PS4 via Bluetooth or audio cable, depending on the model and console. You can also find out some of the other major methods in case you are looking for some support and knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do the Raycon gaming headphones work with Xbox?

How to connect Raycon Gaming Headphones to Xbox? A 2.4 GHz USB-A dongle or 3.5 mm wire can be used to connect the Gaming Headphones to most platforms. PCs, Macs, VR/AR, Switches, and mobile devices. PS3. Xboxes are only compatible with wired connections.

Do any earphones work with Xbox?

The 3.5mm audio jack on your controller allows you to connect a headset directly to the device. A headset with a standard 3.5mm jack can be connected directly to an Xbox Wireless Controller with a 3.5mm port. At the bottom of the controller, there is a 3.5mm port.

Can Raycons be used for gaming?

Our microphones are optimized specifically for gaming so that you can be heard loud and clear. Since you are either quick or dead, our HyperSync Low Latency Technology ensures that your commands are heard instantly.

Final Verdict:

How to connect Raycon Gaming Headphones to Xbox? Well, in this article, I have shared the 5 major ways along with their steps to easily connect your Raycon headphones to Xbox.

It does include the use of wired options such as 3.5 mm adaptors and jacks. Moreover, talking about wireless options, the USB & Bluetooth options are said to be the best.

I hope that these 5 methods would be enough to help you in making connections between both of your devices. So, be sure to read & follow all of them. I have also shared some other important factors in this article that people search for which can be helpful for you.

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