How to Fix Gaming Headset Sound on One Side

How to Fix Gaming Headset Sound on One Side? | 7 Ways 2023

Have you ever been in the middle of an intense gaming session, only to realize that your headset sound is coming through on one side? It’s a frustrating experience that can easily ruin the entire gaming experience. As a seasoned gamer, I’ve encountered this issue countless times and have spent countless hours trying to fix it.

But fear not, dear gamer! I’ve finally discovered some foolproof methods that will help you fix gaming headset sound on one side. So, if you’re tired of missing out on important game sounds and want to know how to get game volume through headset xbox, then keep reading till the end. I’ve got you covered!

7 Ways – How to Fix Gaming Headset Sound on One Side?

How to fix headphones with no sound on one side? Here are the 7 major ways that I discovered as the permanent method to fix this one-ear sound issue in gaming headphones. Be sure to read and follow all of them till the end to accurately determine the perfect solution.

1. Check the Volume Balance

Why is only one side of my headset working on Xbox? Sometimes, gaming headphones on Xbox have default settings. Thus, all the audio is supplied to one end of such devices leaving the other one mute.

Therefore, to keep this volume balanced, you have to go into your console’s settings and adjust this balance to the center. I know it might surprise you, but this balance does matter and you have to know about it.

2. Fix the Cords

The headphone cables are responsible to transfer these audio waves to the users. Thus, once they are damaged, the supply of sound to both headphone ears gets disturbed.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that headphone plugs are connected properly, and their cord cables are not damaged. As a result, you’ll be able to prevent this one-ear sound malfunction in your headphone.

3. Readjust Headphone Jack

How to fix wired headphones with no sound on one side? We all know that without a headphone jack, it is not possible to make a suitable and efficient wired connection with any device.

Therefore, if these jacks are not plugged properly or are damaged, then the connections can never last for even a second. I concluded dust and dirt are the major reason behind it and you can easily overcome them by keeping your devices clean and ready for action.

4. Try Other Devices

It is also possible that your device might be the reason for this sound error. Therefore, try choosing other technical devices such as amplifiers and laptops.

This will generally make it simple for you to find out whether your headphones are the problem or if it is just this device that doesn’t provide an accurate sound flow to both headphone ears.

5. Check Sound Settings

How to fix earphones on one side not working Android? People normally don’t consider sound settings as an important factor in maintaining the audio in both ears of headphone devices.

However, it is pretty essential and you must know that setting your headphones at stereo or simple sound settings can help you greatly in fixing gaming headset sound on one side.

6. Use Headphone Splitters

If you have connected your headphones directly to the devices and it is still not producing any sounds in one ear, then the best thing you can do is to use an additional input device.

Using splitters allows you to plug your headphones into another device with the high-voltage barring ability and then into the main device. This can help you in fixing gaming headset sounds on one side issues with ease.

7. Replace the Earpads

Last but not least, you can replace the ear pads with something new and modern. Because it is also pretty common for such ear pads to get damaged over time by their regular use.

So, be sure to try this method too in case the upper ones are not working. But, I am sure that such steps will be your best guide in solving such issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do earphones stop working on one side?

The sound distribution of earphones is imbalanced when they stop working on one side due to various reasons, such as cable damage, faulty headphone jacks, and worn-out earpads.

How to fix audio only on one side?

How to Fix Gaming Headset Sound on One Side? You can resolve audio issues only on one side by checking the volume balance, then inspecting the cable and headphone jack for damage or looseness, and replacing the earpads if necessary.

Why do earphones stop working on one side?

If your earbuds work only on one side, a wire may be damaged or broken. The first thing you should do is determine what caused the earphone wires to break before you ask how to fix them. Instead of gently pulling the earphone from its plastic base, some cell phone users yank it by its cord from the device.

Final Verdict:

How to Fix Gaming Headset Sound on One Side? Well, in this article, I have shared the 7 best ways to fix such sound errors. I know that for professional gamers, it is not a common thing to tolerate.

Therefore, you can easily follow the upper given steps for accurate results. I would say that cleaning & readjusting gaming headphones are the two most effective steps and anyone can easily perform them.

However, you should also consider using splitters and other devices or replacing headphone earpads for more efficient sound actions. In the end, I hope that you’ll like the information shared in this article.

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