How to Pair PowerBeats Pro

How to Pair PowerBeats Pro with iPhones, Macs, Laptop & iPads?

Discussing the amazing features and functions of the powerbeats earbuds. We are here with a solution to a frequently asked question How to pair powerbeats pro to any device? Well, the answer is simple and comprises a few important steps.

Powerbeats paring mode options play a keen role in establishing a strong connection with all other technical devices. Therefore, it is essential to know about this pairing mode and how you can use it to connect earphones to other gadgets.

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Steps – How to Pair Powerbeats Pro?

The steps for pairing these powerbeats to other devices are pretty easy and simple to follow for proper results. The powerbeats pro, on the other hand, has the same options for making a strong connection to any nearby digital device. So, here are some of the easy steps that you can follow for making connections between these earbuds and numerous gadgets.

1. How to Pair Powerbeats Pro to Androids?

Everyone owns an Android device as a basic device. Therefore, it comes at the top of this list. Here are some steps that you can follow for making strong and durable connections between the powerbeats and androids like Samsung.

One additional tip is that all these steps are the same for powerbeats 3 and BeatsX. However, both of them require user permission that occurs in the form of a digital message on the main screens and you have to accept them for making these connections with the powerbeats.

  • Reset the powerbeats. Well, if you are still unaware of this process, then make sure to check out our article on How to reset powerbeats pro?
  • The device should now be charged and the system button should be pressed.
  • Make sure to hold that button for about 15 seconds and let the powerbeats into their pairing modes for easy connections.
  • The connectivity panel can be found in the Android settings.
  • Click on the Bluetooth option and connect it with the powerbeats pro.
  • Test the connection and now you’ll be all ready for action.
  • If you are facing the earphones connected but no sound issue, then don’t forget to check out our article on this topic for easy recovery.

2. How to Pair Powerbeats to Macs?

Macs are another popular gadget in this field and it is also quite simple to connect them to these special powerbeats. You can obtain fast and accurate results if you follow the steps outlined below.

  • For 15 seconds, hold the system button on your powerbeats to get them in pairing mode.
  • Open Mac’s settings and enable the Bluetooth connectivity options.
  • If it is a new device, then make sure to forget the last one for easy connectivity.
  • Connect both devices and then test the volume and other features.

3. How to Pair Powerbeats to iPhones & iPads?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see iPhone users on this list. As the powerbeats connected to an iPhone device are one of the classic things that we can ever admire. To make this connection simple, here are some steps.

  • Reset the powerbeats and set them in pairing mode by holding the system button for about 15 seconds.
  • Go to the settings of your iPhones and enable the BlueTooth options.
  • Keep both gadgets close to each other for fast and easy connectivity purposes.
  • In the end, connect the devices and test run their features such as volume or SiRi.

4. How to Pair Powerbeats to Laptops?

The laptops are another amazing and unexpected device on this list that can be connected to powerbeats. For this connection to work, Windows 10 must be installed on both devices.

  • First, charge the powerbeats and set them in the pairing modes by holding the system buttons on them for about 15 seconds.
  • Go to the settings of windows 10 on your laptop and search for connectivity options.
  • Set them in Bluetooth connectivity mode and pair them with the powerbeats.
  • In the end, test runs their features and get ready for the major actions.

5. How to Pair Powerbeats without case?

Well, you can use these powerbeats and connect them to other devices without a case but, for a limited time. As the charging cases are needed to recharge these gadgets and they don’t work for too long with them.

  • First, make sure that your powerbeats are in the pairing modes or else it can’t be done because there is no charging case.
  • Next, enable the Bluetooth options on your other devices and connect both of them.
  • However, if the device asks you about any code just add “0000” at the point and you’ll get access to easy connectivity.

How to use a Paired Powerbeats Pro?

Since we have explained all the major steps using multiple devices to connect these powerbeats to them. It is now time for you to learn about their usage after they are connected to any specific device. So, here are some of their best uses and the ways you can control them.

1. Volume

The “B” button on the powerbeats is mainly responsible for controlling all the features of these powerbeats. However, for volume control, you can use the volume up & down buttons on your device for this purpose.

2. Calls

To attend or decline a call, you have to press the “B” button on the powerbeats. It is possible to do this by clicking on either side of the earbuds.

3. Siri

If you are an iPhone user, you have to open Siri and click the “B” button to grab its attention and command it for any action.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you manually pair Powerbeats?

How to pair powerbeats pro? The power button should be pressed for 5 seconds. An indicator light flashes when your earphones are detected. You can find the Bluetooth settings on your device by going to the settings menu. Upon detecting Bluetooth devices, choose your earphones.

Why won’t both my Powerbeats pro connect?

It is not uncommon for Bluetooth connections to encounter connectivity issues or audio output issues. You can fix the issue by forgetting and reconnecting your Powerbeats Pro.

Why are my beats not pairing?

Your iOS device’s Settings > Bluetooth menu is where you select your Beats. Select the Beats product from the Output and Input panes under the Apple () menu > System Preferences. In the sound settings of your PC, you can assign your Beats to playback or record.

Final Verdict:

In this article on How to pair powerbeats pro? We have concluded the best steps to connect these special powerbeats earbuds to different devices. Because we know that people are highly interested in finding the best and easy ways to easily pair their powerbeats to devices like their gadgets and laptops.

Moreover, we have also discussed the main uses of these power beats earphones such as attending a call or asking Siri any question. In the end, we hope that you’ll like the information we have provided and come back for further related articles & blogs.

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