How to Reset PowerBeats Pro

How to Reset PowerBeats Pro? Fixed Reset Not Working

How to reset Powerbeats pro? Well, if you are a die heart lover of heads and earphones, you must have faced this problem with your devices. I know, it is a common problem but thankfully it also comes with some simple solution steps and techniques.

Here in this article, we’ll review the basic Powerbeats pro troubleshooting process to find out the errors in such devices. Moreover, we’ll provide you with the best possible steps to easily reset these technical earphone devices.

Steps – How to reset PowerBeats Pro?

We basically reset these devices, in the case when we conclude that the PowerBeats pro not connecting to android or any other gadget. But, don’t worry as we have also covered all the major information on How to pair HeadBeats pro to certain other technical items and then use them for multiple activities.

Now, let’s begin with the most basic steps to reset these pro versions of the powerbeats earphones. So, make sure to read all their steps till the end as these steps are quite the same for the beats headphones.

1. Place PowerBeats in Charging Case

Before doing any reset mechanism using these special devices, it would be perfect to switch them off and then place them in the charging case. One thing that you have to take care of is to place these powerbeats accurately in the charging case until they are seated properly.

Well, it is not a hard step to cover using such technical gadgets. Therefore, make sure to align the metal contents on these earbuds to the charging pins in the main charging case for fast and accurate powering purposes.

2. Press the System Button

After placing these earbuds accurately in the charging case, make sure to press and hold the system button present at the back of the case near the hinge point for about 15 seconds. Don’t overload the button with the extreme force of your hand.

Leave the button as soon as the LED indicator in this charging case starts to blink and emit red and white lights continuously. If the lights at the front of this case don’t blink, it means that the earbuds are not seated properly in the main charging port.

3. Test the PowerBeats

Now, you have to repair the device once again to any of the nearby gadgets through wireless signals. But, make sure to pair up the devices first just like in the BeatsX as after resting them all their previous connection data will be lost.

You can easily set up these earbuds according to their features and functions. At this point, we are pretty sure that you’ll not face the same problems again.

4. Other PowerBeats

Just like the powerbeats pro, people often ask us how to reset the PowerBeats 3. Well, you just have to hold the power and volume buttons of these powerbeats 3 & 1 devices. However, for about 10 seconds. Then, you’ll be all set up to pair them again to other technical devices. As they will be reset in no time.

However, for powerbeats 2, an additional step is used. Because you have to first connect them to a wireless source and then press or hold the power and volume button for about 10 seconds. It would automatically reset the device and allow it to be paired with other gadgets.

Fixed – PowerBeats Pro reset not Working:

Sometimes people also have reported that their powerbeats devices are still not performing accurately after they have reset them. Nevertheless, we have also developed the best solution to fix this issue.

You can get perfect results in no time if you follow these given steps one by one. However, using them in a limit will prevent your earbuds from any damage.

  • Charge the powerbeats fully and place them in the charging case with an open lid.
  • Remove the devices from the Bluetooth connection list.
  • Hold the charging system button for 10 seconds and then close the lid
  • After opening the lid again, make sure to connect the powerbeats to the wireless connections once again to test their performance.

Powerbeats Pro Troubleshooting:

If you want to know the main reasons that your earbuds are not functioning correctly. It is essential to find out that just like the air buds pro, they also have a simple troubleshooting process. Here are a few points that you might like to know before resetting these special earphones back to their default settings.

Moreover, you have to follow the same steps in case you are facing the powerbeats one side not working problems. The best tip that we can provide you shortly is to try and swap these earbuds. However, you can do this left to right and then follow the given points.

  • Make sure that the powerbeats have enough battery. You can easily check the battery life by placing these devices in their charging case. Moreover, seeing if the LED light is emitting the red and white colored lights of charging these earphones.
  • The settings on such devices should be reset to their defaults. Also, make sure to remove all the connectivity options from your Bluetooth list to easily test the resetting procedure.
  • Check for the latest software updates in these powerbeats. Once the older one’s expire they do not allow such devices to work properly. Moreover, clean the devices in case they are old and filled with dirt and dust.
  • Last but not least, try to contact the customer service of the Beats company. This will allow you to easily figure out all the incredible features and functions of these devices.

How to reset PowerBeatsPpro without Case?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reset the powerbeats pro earbuds without using their charging case. As we have discussed in the upper headings these earbuds can only be reset by pressing the system button present at the back of the charging cases.

However, you can still manage to reset the Bluetooth connectivity options in such devices by going into the mobile connection setups. Connect them both again after forgetting the powerbeats connection option so that you can reset them quickly and easily.

How to reset Beats Wireless Earbuds?

To reset the beats wireless earbuds, it is important to know about the device model you are using for this activity. However, here are some major steps that you have to follow to get the perfect output results for all devices.

  • Set the earbuds in pairing mode by holding the system or volume button for about 10 seconds until the LED emits white and red light.
  • Forget all the connection data such as the Bluetooth and all other wireless connections of these earbuds.
  • Now, reset the devices once again by holding the system and volume buttons for 15 seconds and then pair them to any specific wireless connection. It is an easy step and you can easily follow it to reset these wireless technical devices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my Powerbeats Pro not connecting?

In this article on How to Reset PowerBeats pro? You can do this if you clean the charging areas on both the case and pods. Re-pairing your Powerbeats won’t help unless you download the firmware updater.

Why are my Powerbeats Pro buttons not working?

You should clean the Powerbeats 3 Earphones & remove the debris from them. Dust and debris on your earphones can cause your volume buttons to not work. For your device’s buttons to function properly, you need to clean this dust and debris.

How do I update my Powerbeats Pro firmware?

You can’t upgrade the Beats software in a standard way, but you can download the firmware over the air when you are not connecting the headphones to an iOS device.

Final Verdict:

How to reset powerbeats pro, we have shared the best and most effective steps to easily reset these special earbuds. As it is pretty simple to just place these devices in their charging cases and then press the system button to easily reset their functions back to the default settings.

Moreover, we have also shared numerous tips like making sure to charge these earbuds to a certain level so that they can perform well and placing them properly in the charging ports.

In the end, we would recommend you purchase such amazing and highly useful powerbeats pro and their major alternatives such as Powerbeats 3, 2, 1, and BeatsX for multiple tasks.

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