Logitech G933 vs G935

Logitech G933 vs G935: An In-Depth Analysis of Gaming Headsets

What is the main difference between the Logitech G933 vs G935 gaming headsets? Or are these headsets better than Astro A50?

The Logitech G933 and G935 gaming headsets combine immersive audio with superior comfort for an exceptional gaming experience. Both these devices are amazing choices & people generally love to find them according to their detailed features.

Here’s what you need! An in-depth comparison of their features and performance will be presented in this article.

From enhanced audio quality to ergonomic design, I’ll explore all the factors that set the Logitech G933 and G935 apart. Stay tuned till the end to discover which headset best suits your gaming needs. 

Take advantage of this comprehensive comparison!

Logitech G933 vs G935 – All Major Differences

Talking about the difference between Logitech g933 and g935 gaming headset specs, I was pretty impressed by both of these amazing versatile devices.

These products have some similar features that I discussed in my post on Bose Soundlink Flex vs JBL Flip 5. But, here let us discuss things more comprehensively for your benefit.

Incredible Sound-Quality

Enhance your gaming experience with Logitech’s exceptional headset lineup featuring the Logitech G933 and G935. You’ll hear every footstep and explosion with remarkable accuracy with these headsets that deliver precision and clarity. 

Therefore, people generally love purchasing such devices. The G933 and G935 are both capable of pinpoint accuracy and a full-on audio adventure, like choosing between a sniper rifle and a bazooka. For more information on these devices, read the Logitech G933 review.

Amazing Wireless Connectivity

Unleash the freedom of wireless connectivity with the Logitech G933. Experience gaming without the hassle of cables as advanced wireless technology lets you slay dragons and conquer virtual realms with ease. 

Take it a step further with the G935, featuring Lightspeed wireless connectivity for lightning-fast response times, eliminating any lag between your actions and on-screen moments. It’s like comparing a trusty steed to a majestic unicorn—with the G935 sprinkling an extra magic touch.

Design & Comfort

Talking about the Logitech g933 Artemis Spectrum vs g935, Designed for comfort during those grueling gaming marathons, both headsets offer sleek designs and ergonomic features.

The G933 presents a professional look, ideal for those who appreciate a refined and sophisticated aesthetic. It’s an adjustable headband with soft ear cups, ensuring extended gaming sessions without discomfort. 

Alternatively, the G935 adds a dash of flair with programmable RGB lighting, allowing you to customize your headset to match your gaming setup.

It’s like choosing between a classic black tuxedo and a dazzling light show—both stylish and catering to your unique preferences.

Excellent Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, the G933 and G935 rival each other in endurance. The G933 impresses with up to 12 hours of uninterrupted gaming, providing ample time for intense sessions without worrying about recharging.

Well, it is another brilliant way to know about Logitech G933 vs G935 specs in 2023. However, the G935 surpasses expectations, boasting an astounding 15 hours of battery life.

With that extra push, you can conquer more quests or defeat one more boss, just like an ultramarathon runner going that extra mile. This same thing is already available on platforms like Reddit & Quora.

Mic Quality

Elevate your gaming communication with Logitech’s commitment to exceptional mic quality. The Logitech G933 ensures clear and precise voice capture, ensuring your teammates hear every command and witty remark with utmost clarity.

Well, with such amazing features, these headphones can be your premium choice for Xbox & PS4 & 5 gaming actions.

Moreover, the G935 steps up the game with its advanced noise-canceling technology, ensuring your voice remains crystal clear even amidst the chaos.

It is pretty much like Bose 700 & Sony 1000xm4 devices. Therefore, It’s time to make your voice heard with confidence and professionalism.

Customization Options

Talking about the Logitech g933 software, Take advantage of Logitech’s customization options and personalize your gaming experience. The G933 grants you the power to fine-tune audio settings, program G-keys for seamless control, and customize lighting effects to match your style. There’s more!

With Logitech G HUB software, the G935 offers enhanced EQ adjustments as well as the ability to sync lighting effects with other Logitech peripherals. Transform your gaming setup into a personalized masterpiece that reflects your unique taste and professionalism.


Its versatility can be taken advantage of with Logitech’s gaming headsets. Well, I think everybody deserves a compact headphone device with proper sound management options.

So, they can easily switch between PC, consoles, and mobile devices with the G933, catering to multi-platform gamers. 

However, the G935 goes the extra mile with its USB dongle, providing wireless connectivity not only to PC but also to PlayStation and even Nintendo Switch. Regardless of the platform you choose, Logitech keeps your gaming experience uninterrupted.

Button Layout

Logitech understands the importance of ease of use in the gaming industry. On the G933, volume controls and audio settings can be easily accessed via the earcup buttons. It’s a no-fuss approach, ensuring you can make adjustments swiftly and effortlessly.

Unlike the G935, however, the G935 features programmable G-keys directly on the headset, thanks to its redesigned button layout. 

This addition allows you to create custom macros and execute commands with ease, giving you a competitive edge. Thus for Logitech Vietnam, Navigate your gaming world with the convenience and versatility of a secret weapon at your fingertips.

Surround Sound Modes

Prepare to be immersed in a world of unparalleled audio with Logitech’s surround sound modes. The G933 grants you access to multiple modes, including Dolby Digital and DTS Headphone:X, enveloping you in a rich and immersive audio experience.

Moreover, The G933 enhances depth and spatial awareness, elevating your gameplay to new heights.  A Pro-G 50mm driver upgrade and improved surround sound technology make the G935 even more exceptional.

Isn’t it just amazing for Logitech G933 vs G935 headphones? Imagine upgrading from a standard movie theater to an IMAX theater, where you can immerse yourself even deeper into the action.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Logitech G933


  • Precision audio clarity
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Immersive audio in multiple modes


  • Lightspeed wireless connectivity is not available
  • Customizability is limited compared to G935

Logitech G935


  • Gaming lighting with RGB programmability
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life
  • Fast response times and minimal lag with lightspeed wireless


  • Bulkier design than G933
  • Limited to PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch with USB dongle

Alternatives – Logitech G933 vs G935 Headphones:

JBL Quantum One vs Astro A50

Immerse yourself in a world of extraordinary sound with JBL Quantum One and Astro A50 headsets. Experience unrivaled audio clarity and precision.

As the Quantum One delivers impeccable sound with its QuantumSOUND Signature technology, while the A50 offers immersive Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound. 

From pinpoint accuracy to captivating surround sound, read on to discover the ultimate choice that will elevate your gaming adventures to new heights. Trust in our expertise and authoritative recommendations for an unmatched gaming experience.

Audeze Maxwell vs Arctis Nova Pro

Elevate your gaming audio with Audeze Maxwell and Arctis Nova Pro headsets. Dive into a world of audiophile-grade sound as the Maxwell combines planar magnetic drivers with advanced DSP technology, providing unparalleled clarity and detail. 

The Nova Pro, on the other hand, features premium speakers and low-distortion drivers for a professional gaming experience.

Yeah! It might be expensive. But, make sure to immerse yourself in gaming brilliance with superior sound quality. In the end, Our expert analysis will guide you to the right audio companion.

Logitech G633 vs G935

Discover the perfect audio solution for your gaming needs with Logitech G633 and G935 headsets. G633 boasts powerful and accurate audio reproduction, making it ideal for immersive gaming experiences.

I did use them for business tasks as well. I am pretty confident that you’ll like them as well. With 7.1 surround sound, the G935 envelops you in gaming bliss. 

Find out which headset aligns with your gaming preferences and explore the key differences. Trust in our authoritative insights to make an informed decision and enjoy the ultimate gaming audio experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Logitech G935 better than G933?

Talking about Logitech G933 vs G935, the Wireless range, and latency are better on G935. Online gaming is also improved with the G933.

Is there a better headset than G935?

Logitech G935 Wireless is not as good as SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless. A SteelSeries has better controls, feels more stable, has a more accurate sound profile, leaks less audio, has a better microphone, and has a longer battery life.

What is better than Logitech G933?

Logitech G933 Wireless gaming headphones are inferior to SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless. There is no EQ on the Logitech wireless transmitter, but the SteelSeries offers it directly on the wireless transmitter for instant sound customization.

How long does the G935 last?

You can choose between wireless and wired gaming with the G935. You can play without lighting for up to 12 hours per charge or with default lighting for up to 8 hours. Conditions and users may vary. Battery life is 12 hours with no LED lighting and 50% headset volume.

Final Verdict

Based on a comparison of the Logitech G933 vs G935 gaming headsets, both offer excellent audio quality, comfort, and customization. G933 is versatile and straightforward, while G935 has programmable G-keys and surround sound technology.

The G935 offers enhanced wireless connectivity, customizable RGB lighting, and improved audio quality. In contrast, the G933 offers multi-platform compatibility and a no-fuss approach.

In the end, it comes down to your specific gaming needs. You can’t go wrong with either headset, especially with Logitech’s reputation for quality. 

So, get an audio experience like no other with a headset that aligns with your priorities!

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