Real AirPods vs Fake

Real AirPods vs Fake: 10 Basic Differences You Must Know in 2023

“Are your AirPods real or fake? Unveiling the truth behind genuine vs counterfeit earbuds!” don’t get confused as I have got you covered. It is vital to know if your AirPods are genuine or counterfeit in today’s fast-paced world of wireless earbuds.

Because these technical devices come in various models & versions with different features. So, it is important to distinguish between real AirPods and their fake counterparts in a market flooded with imitations.

Moreover, Knowing these distinctions can save you from ending up with a subpar audio experience, from build quality and sound performance to packaging and price. Therefore, just like in AirPods Pro vs Beats Studio 3, Learn how to distinguish between the real thing and a mere knockoff as I unravel these secrets.

Real AirPods vs Fake – 10 Basic Differences You Must Know in 2023:

Let me take you through my personal journey with real AirPods Pro. Because I have been using such technical sound devices for many years.

Therefore, I have concluded a list of a few basic features of these products that can easily be distinguished. I am pretty sure that you’ll be amazed at how different they are from counterfeits.

1. Build Quality

AirPods Pro is made with premium materials and impeccable craftsmanship to last a lifetime. You can generally feel their genuine built composition as soon as you hold them in your hands.

On the other hand, False versions are readily identifiable by their flimsy materials and shoddy construction. They don’t last for too long & their materials are also not premium.

2. Haptic Sensor

Talking about fake vs real AirPods Pro, Real AirPods Pro stems feature a responsive haptic sensor for precise and effortless control. They are made on modern-day technical features. Thus, it is pretty easy for them to support all sound actions.

This seamless experience must be replicated by something other than knockoffs. Thus, it is another efficient way of concluding how to spot fake AirPods 2.

3. Sound Performance

With clarity in the highs and richness in the bass, authentic AirPods Pro delivers a symphony for the ears. Man! We all can easily see what device produces the perfect sound bass, pitch, and noise transmission.

As a result, it is pretty easy to discover between Real AirPods vs fake AirPods Pro. However, The sound quality of counterfeits such as fake AirPods Pro is flat and lackluster.

4. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) & Transparency Mode

AirPods Pro are notable for their ability to block external noise and provide the convenience of transparency mode. As I have mentioned such devices work on ANC technology that makes sure no background noises can be transmitted forward to the chat.

On the other hand, there is no effective noise cancellation provided by fakes, and the transparency mode is subpar or nonexistent.

5. Seamless Pairing Process

The next difference on this list of Real AirPods vs Fake is the pairing process of such devices. Genuine AirPods Pro effortlessly connects to Apple devices, making it a delightful experience.

Therefore, you can easily try their pairing options to quickie discover whether they are real or fake. Knockoffs such as Fake ones often require additional steps and struggle to establish a stable connection.

6. Packaging

Talking about Real AirPods vs fake vs real, genuine AirPods Pro are packaged meticulously, displaying Apple branding and providing accurate product information. You can see the amazing packaging order of such devices that make sure these products are made under proper care for accurate functions.

However, the Logos and labeling are inconsistent in counterfeit versions. It means that the Fake AirPods can’t have the proper packages, which can also result in product malfunction.

7. Serial Number

Apple’s official channels can verify the authenticity of real AirPods Pro by using their unique serial number. It is the best way to detect the origin of such devices.

Many counterfeit versions of software lack a valid serial number or have one that cannot be verified. Moreover, it also supports AirPods serial number check fake actions.

Can fake AirPods have a real serial? Check the serial number on your AirPods Pro to ensure authenticity and prevent counterfeiting. I have also shared my guide on How to check if AirPods Pro is real by serial number in the below heading that you can easily read as well.

8. Charging

How can you tell if AirPods 3 are fake? Authentic AirPods Pro features a Lightning connector, ensuring compatibility with other Apple devices. This feature is only available in Serial number AirPods. Therefore, it is another efficient way to distinguish both these special devices.

Nevertheless, knockoffs may have different charging ports or connectors. Do fake AirPods charge? The fake ones won’t have their proper chargers. Therefore, you must take this advice seriously and choose the perfect & real AirPods Pro with genuine chargers.

9. Battery Life

How can you tell if AirPods are fake? As I have mentioned in my article on sound core q30 vs q35, this battery feature matters a lot. Real AirPods Pro offers reliable and long-lasting battery life for uninterrupted music enjoyment. They are easily charged and they last efficiently for many hours.

On the other hand, the fake alternatives may have shorter battery life or inconsistent performance. Do fake AirPods show battery? Yes, they do but they won’t be lasting anything more than 1 hour. So, in case you are investing, be sure to invest in the proper product.

10. Price

Do not be fooled by deals that seem too good to be true. Apple has set a specific price range for real AirPods Pro, reflecting their quality and performance. These Real AirPods Pro are available within a price limit of $250-$300.

Thus, If you wish to enjoy exceptional audio quality, you should invest in genuine AirPods Pro. In contrast, the fake ones can be purchased for under $150 but, they won’t last long.

How to check if AirPods Pro is real by serial number?

  • Locate the serial number: The AirPods Pro charging case contains the serial number. In most cases, it is printed on the inside of the lid or engraved on the bottom of the case. You can easily find it. If it’s not present, your device is fake.
  • Visit Apple’s official website: Click on the “Check Coverage” link on Apple’s official support page. They can help you in such a situation.
  • Enter the serial number: You will need to enter your AirPods Pro’s serial number in the provided field. Make sure to review the number 2-3 times for accurate results.
  • Verify the results: Apple’s system verifies the serial number after it is submitted. The serial number of the AirPods Pro will be confirmed in a confirmation message.

In Conclusion:

In this article on Real AirPods vs Fake, you can greatly benefit from real AirPods Pro over fake alternatives. Genuine AirPods Pro provides premium build quality, responsive haptic sensors, immersive sound performance, and advanced features like ANC and transparency mode.

You can easily distinguish such factors that I have explained in detail in this specific article. Authenticity is further confirmed by seamless pairing, accurate packaging, and reliable battery life. You can elevate your audio journey by investing in the real AirPods Pro.

Experience the authentic magic of the music. Experience audio excellence with AirPods Pro! In the end, make sure to share this article with your friends so they can easily prevent buying such faulty products for themselves.

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