What Headphones does Markiplier use

What Headphones does Markiplier use? [Features and Functions]

Well, Who doesn’t know Markiplier and his amazing choice of headphone devices over his time doing Youtube videos? His fans, including myself, were eager to learn what headphones he uses for recording or creating videos for online content.

However, Now he has revealed that he uses the Sennheiser HD 660 S headphones which are highly popular for their increadible features & versatile functions. In order to gain a deeper understanding of these topics, please read all about them in the following lines in detail.

So, let’s dive right into the actions!

What Headphones does Markiplier use with its Features & Functions?

As a headphone enthusiast, I would have to say that choosing the Sennheiser HD 600 S headphones was an excellent option for Markiplier. By doing this, he has got himself the perfect headset for fast and accurate sound actions.

Moreover, if you are looking to purchase these special headphones, make sure to first read our article on what headphones does jacksepticeye use. His status as a well-known YouTuber makes him another source of someone who uses high-quality headphones.

1. Open Back Design

Just like the Sennheiser HD 598, HD 599, & HD 800s, these HD 660s headphone devices also have an open-back design. This means that the over-ear cups have a certain design that allows air to pass through these devices and reach the ear and provide ventilation.

I would not suggest these headphones for private conversations, as due to these audiophile open-back designs, the sounds do get leaked. But, for a quiet place and the best gaming encounters, these headphones are one of the best options in this market today.

2.  Impedance & Sensitivity

Compared to other headphone devices, these Sennheiser headsets have an impedance of 150 ohms and a sensitivity of 104 dB SPL/V. As a result, these 660 s devices are capable of providing users with more complex and well-structured sounds.

Therefore, I would say that they can not be replaced by normal headphones because they require a large current or power supply for accurate functions. All these power features allow them to produce louder sounds and prevent the distortion issue to a great level.

3. Frequency Rate

Another cool feature of these 660 s headphones is that they have a very interesting rate of frequency production. As they have a frequency response range of 10 Hz to 41 kHz, which is wider than the typical human hearing range.

I don’t know why these other frequency ranges are produced in such headphones. However, I find it to be an intriguing feature and would like to use it for a variety of purposes. Consequently, such devices are considered the best option for all human actions due to their ability to produce sounds with different frequency ranges.

4. Detachable Cables

The HD 660 S comes with a detachable cable that uses a 6.35 mm jack, as well as a 3.5 mm adapter that allows you to use it with portable devices. With a length of 3 meters and a high degree of quality, the cable offers a high level of quality.

Moreover, if we are talking about wireless connection options, these special Sennheiser headphones also support numerous possibilities. I have used them on Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, and many other methods, and they always provided me with perfect-quality output results.

5. Comfortable Build Quality

Talking about the overall built-quality of these headphones used by Markiplier, I have to say that these are one of the most comfortable headphones in the world. First, they are made from stainless carbon steel with aluminum-based ear cups and a banded headband for easy and perfect grip over the head.

Secondly, they include the use of soft velour earpads with padded overhead bands. Moreover, they are lightweight, sleek, & have a minimalistic design. Thus, I would highly recommend this device to my users to get the perfect gaming & other experiences using them with ease and comfort.

6. Price Factor

The price of these 660 s headphone devices starts from about $500. But, now due to their increased demand and popularity, their price has increased to around $600. You can get them from all online stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and even Walmart.

I would suggest that purchasing these headphones at a specific wholesale and discount rate can be your best choice. Thus, wait for the right opportunity, in case you have a tight budget, and then purchase them for yourself.

7. Sound Quality

Last but not least, people say that using these headphones can be best for all gaming activities. Honestly, in terms of gaming, I am not a big fan of such devices due to their open-back designs that leak all sounds.

Moreover, such devices do not prevent background noises to disturb the user during multiple gaming activities. So, for other business tasks, it is the best option for creating the best-quality online content with pace and perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What headphones does CoryxKenshin use?

According to his videos, it is seen that he uses the Asto a40 headphones which are another increadible device that produces the best sound quality during their actions. You can use them for gaming & business tasks.

What headphones does PewDiePie use?

Pewds uses the Razer Kraken Pro V2 headphones for fast and accurate sound quality during his videos. It is no doubt one of the best headphones with increadible and verstaile features.

What headphones do DanTDM & Ninja use?

DanTDM & Ninja use the Monster On-Ear & BeyerDynamic DT990 Pro Headphones. I have never used these headphones, but I have read their features and can say that they are among the best devices available in 2023.

Final Verdict:

I have shared all the major things related to the headphones used by a famous content creator Markiplier. Moreover, I have explained and shared all the details of these Sennheiser 660 S headphones. Because I bought them after watching them being used by my favorite YouTuber at that time.

I would say that these 660s devices are one of the most versatile & comfortable headphones on this list. It is just like HD 800s headphones. So, make sure to read all about them from other sites too. Then you can purchase them at a retail price of about $450-$500.

In the end, I hope that you’ll like the information that I have shared in this article. So, make sure to return to this website for more related articles.

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